ProductChannel Stock & Sales Visibility

Channel Stock & Sales Visibility

Gain real-time stock and sales visibility connecting with your channel partners business applications.

Integrated with 125+ Business Softwares

Ready connectors for all versions of Tally.ERP 9, Busy and all popular softwares for extracting secondary sales and tertiary sales. We custom develop connectors for any of the softwares that exist today.

Secured Data Exchange

Our application independent connectors are user friendly and has no impact in application performance. Data exchange through a secure data transfer model.

Daily Sales Trends

Analyse daily sales trends based on location, product, product categories and channel partners

SKU Mapping

SKU data received from channel partner systems are mapped to Brand Owner SKU nomenclature. Based on the mapping all the reports are populated in Brand Owner SKUs nomenclature.

Channel Mapping

Retailer / Sub-dealer data received from channel partner systems are mapped to Registered Channel Codes.

Channel Growth Trends

Analyse YOY Channel Growth based on value, volume, and depth and width of channel partners.

Channel Sales Visibility

All the details pertaining to inventory transactions including Sales Invoice, Sales Returns are captured as is from the distributors software and the data is presented in various forms.

Channel Stock Visibility

Closing Stock of the distributors / retailers are derived based on opening stock, inwards and outwards of inventory.

Channel Inventory Ageing

Closing Stocks with ageing empowers you to take timely decisions for liquidation of inventory.

Stock-out Analysis

Analyse Stock-outs and Over-stocking and maintain balance inventory.

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