Intelligent Platform

for channel transformation

Channelkonnect presents all the tools required to connect demand to supply and planning to execution across the entire supply chain.

Leaders can make the best business decisions every time using real-time information from within their operations and across the channel.

Channel Grooming

Increase channel productivity by aligning to business growth strategy
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Channel MarCom

Create awareness and transparency across the channel with continuous communication
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Channel Demand Sensing

Knowing what's happening in realtime empowers to make best decisions at all times
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Channel Business Planning

Create realistic business plans based on actual market demand from time to time
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Channel Visit Plans

Planning market visits based on potential results in increasing productivity
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Channel Sales and Inventory

Create GST ready invoices based on orders received and monitor inventory in real-time
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Channel Data Audits

Get the secondary/tertiary sales and stock data audited based on actual transactions in real-time
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Channel Incentives

Incentive payouts can now be based on actual sales transactions of channel partners
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Channel After Sales Servicing

Enable after sales support network to be more closer and accessible to customers
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