ProductInfluencer Management

Influencer Management

Make influencers to become brand advocates by identifying, engaging and managing relationships with attractive loyalty programmes.

Influencer Registration

Register Influencers and manage them from a central repository.

Categorisation and Rating

Catagorise Influencers based on the volume of business recommendation.

Influencer Meetings and Workshops

Schedule and manage influencer meetings on regular intervals of time.

Communicate Event Schedules

Communicate the event schedule via SMS broadcast.

Event Attendance and Feedback

Capture attendance of influencers through sales person mobile app.

Influencer Loyalty Programmes

Publish and manage multiple loyalty programs for influencers.

Reward Points

Rewards points based on coupon codes.

Digital and Physical Gift Card Redemption

Variety of Gift Vouchers to choose from with instant redemption Eg. Big Bazaar, Shopper Shop, Uber etc.

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