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Brands lose visibility of their products the moment they leave their warehouses. The struggle is to know what is actually selling and when so as to produce the right product and avoid non-moving product pile up or stock out situations, both of which can result in loss of sales.

Leverage our applications to konnect multiple layers of distribution resulting in mobilising cash which is stuck at various points of downstream supply chain..

Partner Relationship Management

Manage right from lead generation, qualification, on-boarding, assessment and tier management.
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Channel Stock and Sales Visibility

Gain real-time stock and sales visibility connecting with your channel partners business applications.
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Channel Sales DMS

Now generation online sales DMS designed to unify and streamline your distribution supply chain.
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Channel Service DMS

Now generation online service DMS designed to unify and streamline your service network.
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Channel Order Management

Multi-channel order management tools enables end-to-end ordering process and fulfillment analysis across the channel.
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Channel Loyalty Management

Recognise and Encourage channel partners by creative loyalty programs and digital and physical gifting options.
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Sales Force Automation

Empower sales teams to plan, execute and review with the upto date information on the move at their finger tips.
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Influencer Management

Make influencers to become brand advocates by identifying, engaging and managing relationships with attractive loyalty programs.
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Warranty Management

Simple and futuristic tools for engaging with end customers at the point of sale.
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